TESTIMONIALS from Haramara Radiance Retreat April 2018:

"This was a wonderful retreat, Chelsea.  You are awesome!  Thank you for all of the love, thought and energy you give to making this such a beautiful experience for all.  Such a wonderful group this year and last... open, kind, interesting, inspirational at every age."

"Chelsea encompasses all the elements (yoga, food, location, etc) in her retreats.  Her open, calm, methodical approach makes for a well organized retreat.  Her grounding personality/energy is infectious and her charismatic approach/demeanor makes me keep coming for more.  Thank you for everything, Chelsea."

"At first I was hesitant to go because of the price point.  Once I arrived and experienced it from the first full day, that did not matter.  Thank you for helping me express and release my struggles.  This retreat has done a lot for my mind and body and has been good for building self confidence.  I know I'll be taking a lot home with me.  Great location, even better company.  Can't thank you enough."

"You are an amazing teacher.  Thank you for everything!"

"I loved how welcome you made us feel {both} advanced and beginners.  You are awesome."

"Chelsea provided a great retreat that had yogic and spiritual activities. The atmosphere is friendly and open and appropriate for all yoga practices.  She picks beautiful locations and has activities I never would have tried on my own, e.g. sweat lodge, mala making, gong bath."

"All was fantastic, great experience!"

"The best retreat, thank you Chelsea for an amazing experience."

"So much fun, thank you Chelsea!"

"The retreat exceed my expectations!  It had a great balance of yoga, meditation, free time and offered other fantastic, organized experiences.  I was able to get more physically limber, mentally focused and grounded.  I finshed a book and started another.  I collected seashells, and put my toes in the sand (though I live in San Diego I never have time to go to the beach).  I learned a new skill and can now repair my fiance's mala necklace.  I have a beautiful mala necklace of my own to rmeind me of my 'truth and expressions.'  And best of all, I met you and all the other wonderful yogis and was able to spend some quality time with my friends.  I would rate the retreat a 6 out of 5 stars!  It truly was a wonderful experience, and we are excited to join you at future retreats."

"Chelsea, I just wanted you to know that the yoga retreat was awesome!! So rich in its variety...such nice people...thank you!"

"Chelsea is a gifted instructor, retreat facilitator and wise woman; I loved this retreat!  Yoga classes allowed for all levels with excellent instruction.  The days were spacious and allowed for personal and social time as well as exploring or retreating.  The food and service were exceptional and the natural setting and beauty – breathtaking.  Chelsea created a warm, friendly environment and attracted an open and welcoming group.  I highly recommend Chelsea’s reatreats!"

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TESTIMONIALS from Desert Radiance Retreat May 2017:

"Thanks to Chelsea, this was the most relaxing & rejuvenating vacation I have ever had.  She found a beautiful retreat center with nice lodging, good healthy food, and organized everything seamlessly .  She made certain that my dietary restrictions were accommodated without hassle.  Moreover, she planned and lead us through a progression of yoga sessions that helped us grow and enhance our practices, including adding new types such as Kirtan.”

"Chelsea, you put an amazing, flawless, retreat together and I felt I learned so much while expanding my practice both physically and spiritually.  All the while, eating great food and getting to know such awesome people who share our love for yoga. Thank you so much!"

"Chelsea's yoga retreats always exceed my expectations.  I highly recommend a retreat with Chelsea."

"I am so thankful for the chance to meet such great people and practice what I love around great energy and beautiful souls.  Chelsea is such a fantastic teacher, so clear with her words.  I hope to be half the teacher she is, thank you for everything."

"It was so beautiful to connect with everyone on a more intimiate level. Thank you for creating intentional community."

"Thank you Chelsea!  I was able to totally relax, unplug and rejuvenate- all with daily yoga, fantastic food, great beach time and joyous fellow yogis."

"Chelsea organizes an awesome retreat!  Her attention to detail is exceptional, which comes out in her teaching, providing an excellent experience with variety."

"Chelsea did a fabulous job organizing a very complicated trip.  She made everyone feel welcome and included.  She was on top of everything and was always cheerful and positive."

"I highly recommend Chelsea's retreat.  I love yoga and this was my first commitment to a week long practice.  Wonderful accommodations, terrific location, a week of terrific women.  I totally enjoyed her vitality and spirit and want to experience a retreat again with her soon!"

"Chelsea Winters' yoga retreat at Prana Del Mar was the best yoga wellness retreat that I've ever experienced."

"I loved the flow of every class and how much I learned over the week!"

"Thank you for all of your heart and planning.  You can tell you had everything dialed in and organized.  You're such a gifted yoga teacher- you say the right things at the right time.  Thank you, om shanti om!"

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TESTIMONIALS from Tropical Radiance Retreat March 2016:

"Chelsea is so professional and thoughtful.  You can really see that she put her heart and soul into this retreat and cares deeply about the experience of each and every one of her students."

"The retreat opened my mind and body up to new levels of self discovery.  The balance of physical and meditative practice allowed me to appreciate yoga and understand it's place in my life going forward.  I feel rejuvenated and energized!"

"I loved it!  It was a wonderful first time yoga retreat!  It opened my eye to yet another option of travel!"

"Chelsea's retreat helped me to commit to a daily practice and in that practice increase my knowledge of yogi teachings that I am not exposed to in my yoga classes at home."

"The whole retreat experience was fantastic- fantastic yoga, healthy food, great people.  I highly recommend a yoga retreat with Chelsea!"

"I felt like the heart-opening yoga series was radiant and transformational, and on the last day we all shed tears of utmost joy."

"This radiance retreat has helped me connect to my soul and my purpose on this earth.  I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to share space with all the amazing people who are attracted to the energy vibrating from Apoyo and Yemaya."

"[Chelsea] provided each and everyone the space to just be and giving the flexibility and freedom without judgment."

"This retreat was an amazing experience, with a great balance between yoga, adventure and delicious clean eating!"

"My first yoga retreat could not have been better.  The flow and level of yoga was perfect to allow me to moderate what I needed.  This was encouraged and honored."

"Thank you, I really enjoyed my trip, great women.  I told a friend back home that I could not be surrounded with more like minded people!"